Client // Plan the Space
Industry // Commercial office furniture
Project // DeskLogic eCommerce website
Role // UX & IxD Designer
Time // 2-week sprint


Plan the Space is a commercial office furniture and space planning startup currently incubating in the TechStar accelerator. Plan the Space's vision includes the creation of DeskLogic, a consumer facing e-commerce platform that assists small business owners with the complicated commercial furniture buying process. My partner and I were tasked with designing an intuitive, delightful, and easily understandable user experience for buying office furniture through this platform.


To better understand the context for DeskLogic, I delved into the complicated world of commercial furniture by attending the NeoCon conference, exploring the commercial rental process, and researching existing e-commerce models in other domains.  To empathize and understand the current user experience, we spoke to industry experts and interviewed several users who were in various stages of the office moving and setup process.


My partner and I aggregated the data from our user interviews and individually pulled out insights on what we perceived as user needs and motivations. To guide our discussion, I developed user personas to exemplify our archetypes.

Through affinity mapping, we identified key buckets of needs and user pain points. We realized DeskLogic needed to provides users with not only furniture, but also reassurance and peace of mind that their purchase choices would fully meet their office needs. 

We distilled our research into four design principles:

  • Users should feel assured they are making the right decisions
  • Help users clearly understand the process and where they are in it
  • Get users closer to their vision of their ideal office space
  • No fuss


Identified user needs were clustered into buckets of key requirements. We explored two different shopping approaches:

  1. “Just let me shop” a more traditional shopping method
  2. “Guide me” a step by step process 

I worked out an  initial user flows for the "Guide Me" approach and created rapid paper prototypes for the flow.

Based on feedback from our client and user testing, we decided to move forward with the “Guide Me” approach. Keeping in mind our design principles, we created lo-fi wireframes in AxureRP.

We conducted two rounds of user testing and iterations of the website wireframes, focusing on simplifying the process as much as possible while still obtaining the necessary information from users to help them find the best furniture recommendation for their needs. 


The final website design takes users through a five-step process: vision, programming, recommendation, adjusting, and checkout. 

You can interact with the final wireframes here

In addition to the final flow and wireframes, we provided Plan the Space with recommendations for future product development. This included potential up-selling opportunities and ideas for other office move considerations.