I believe design can be a powerful force for change. 

Whether as a researcher, community organizer, or service designer, I enjoy connecting with people to learn about their needs and motivations. As a systems thinker, I thrive in breaking down complex processes into manageable chunks and synthesizing raw data into actionable insights. 

Here are some questions I grappled with as part of the City of Long Beach Innovation Team:

  • How might we improve the experiences of people most affected by social systems?

  • How might we introduce and further integrate people-centered design into our government?

  • How might we move from conventional planning to systems thinking using service design?

When I’m not thinking about community and design, you can find me rock climbing, eating unhealthy food, or scheming my next travel adventure.

You can read my full story on sumry, or download my resume. Additional work samples are available upon request. Want to talk about design and social impact? Say hi at hello@lalan.co.


In 2016, I completed a series of apprenticeships and projects through the Experience Institute to explore the pragmatic intersection between social change work and the human-centered design process. Watch a video recap of my year here: